Enrique Huaiquil, a Chilean/American artist, seeks to portray Latino identity through abstract surrealism.

​Born in Santiago, Chile, Enrique’s earliest memories and images were shaped by the military dictatorship and the oppressing fear of systematic violence. As it was unsafe to play outside, Enrique’s creative outlet became his world of painting.  

​When he moved to the U.S. at age 18, Enrique began experimenting with different mediums, themes and ideas to find new expression for his visions of the subconscious and the absurdity of human nature. Enrique’s primary medium is oils. He utilizes bright color palettes, high contrast, details and thick brush strokes to emphasize the magic of dream-like themes.  

​“When you dream you are in multiple places at the same time because there’s no time, space or gravity. It is a perfect world”  

Although he feels that his work springs from the mystical power of the subconscious, he is also inspired by society and daily life events.  

Enrique believes that inspiration is a form of sacred communication, which should not only come from what society catalogues as “beautiful”, but it should also come from the inner self and the artist’s desire to make a difference by connecting the audience through transcendental feelings and colorful juxtapositions of reality, dreams and nightmares.   

​His work has been featured in numerous group shows including exhibitions at The Martin Luther King Library in Wasington DC, Artomatic Crystal Ciy, VA, Montgomery College, the University of Maryland Baltimore County and many other art galleries in the Washington DC area

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